Facebook Messenger app now comes with Voice messaging and other features

The Messenger of Facebook app now obtained the newest upgrade such as image and Voice which is based on written sms messages. Which is Facebook Messenger app and it’s updated for 2.2.4 version and at the Google play store it can available for download.

New Facebook Messenger will now provide as a contact call and voice mail messages system that possibly gets up to 1 billion customers of Facebook. It makes no difference if it is not that impressive. Therefore it will be incredibly useful to many an incredible number of customer’s globally. So will see that if Facebook’s assessments are successfully achieved and it is started out to customers in many marketplaces.

The new features and functions are included in the app while hitting to create a concept. To capture the image clearly, Select any Picture, Voice Record and search option for picture is also available are in the app. Also customer can easily record their Voice Messages. You can click and then record your all messages.


Facebook Messenger has also updates with many more performance with the feature of new voice record.

Also the new function of voice messaging is included for all customers, Facebook or is apparently examining for VoIP calling. This examining is available only for the customers in Canada. The VoIP centered calling contacting delivers the function of two way calling getting the feature of Voice calling .This examining is only restricted to iOS.

Recently, Facebook has doubled-down on its texting functions, losing specifications for customers of its Android app Messenger to sign in with a account of Facebook. Enabling customers to log in only with name and contact number it makes it more impressive feature to mobile user who does not want to use Facebook’s social media functions but they want to use efficient texting service.

It will also possible that the capability to upgrade this service with top quality services which mean that extra income. So that Skype phone calling, call forwarding and many more updating has possible. So that Facebook Messenger will be a Successful all over the world.

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