most Awaiting movie of bollywood

Top three Most awaiting movie of Bollywood history are one of aamir khan 2nd movie by harthik roshan and 3rd one by Shah rujh khan

1. PK by Aamir Khan this movie willbe release on the end of 2014


2. Bang bang with harthik roshan this movie is the most awaited movie due to harthik roshan and katrina kaif because of special movement of katrina kaif who learn for this movie



3. Happy new year from Shah rukh khan , users are waiting this movie badly because this movie can be last movie if he has fail to make super hit on box office



iOS 7

iOS 7 nearer to Launch Date, iOS 7 beta 3 launched for designers

The next version of the iOS is nearer to launch. The Apple company has just launched iOS Beta 3 for designers . The iOS 7 is intended to be used with the gadgets of the Apple like iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7

The next version of the iOS , the iOS 7 beta 3 launch happens only three several weeks after the launch of iOS beta 2 which was suitable with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . Designers will be capable to obtain the iOS 7 beta 3 via update section of  the software which can be discovered in the Selection area. On the other hand the iOS and can be acquired from iOS Portal Developer.

Every iOS upgrade delivers with itself a number of improved functions. The iOS 7 also has its distribute of bug repairs and delivers along a reasonable splattering of modifications to the operating system. The significant distinction contains the increasing of the Status Bar which is on the lock screen and so also the inclusion of a time on the primary display when the product is in a songs method.

Other changes contain additional clear files, modified the app of the Calendar with the supply of tagging the days on which there are important projects patiently waiting to be done. The iOS 7 also delivers with itself enhanced user interface for the Notification Center, Safari and Game Center and so also a m,anaged renewed Mail app. The iOS beta 3 also delivers renovated music manages and symbol for applications.

There are plenty of difficulties for designers to deal with such as SIRI improvements, and also the issues of the performance in the App Store. Developers can get the full launch notices here. It is not obvious when Apple company will launch the iOS 7. In the last Apple has launched its next edition of OS . This time circular Apple will join to its previous perform and launch the iOS 7 moreover with the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.


Samsung and Google to jointly release laptops based on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Samsung is the definitive market industry in smartphone and Android’s chief manufacturer of smartphones, has undoubtedly enhanced the business of Android operating system along with 30.8 %, which was only 27.6 percent by last year. The release of first Android operating system centered device in the marketplace by October 2008, the open source of Google Linux based on operating system has never seen its  increase upturned.

According to the report, Android operating system has rushed  a business of 74.4 % across globally which is a large hit for the industry of search engine. This business is far behind of any other shares of the competitors in the market of smartphones.


Due to this ever  growing popularity of Android operating system, the producer of Korean smartphone, Samsung has created out its strategy to release a laptop depending on Android operating system . Earlier when the OS of Google mobile created its first appearance onto huge display devices like tablets, Android was not tuned for huge display type device, but Samsung has taken the effort to tune the system and the organization have managed to get behind of the competition in the sales of the tablets. This time it seems as if the producer of the Korean smartphone is about to take in charge for introduction an Android operating system 5.0 OS centered laptop.Samsung has a plan to launch its new and impressive laptops with Android operating system 5.0 Key Lime Pie, due to the approximated delay in the launch of this version, the organization is planning to launch the laptops with Android  4.X system in order to get type aspect improvements for laptops.

Release date and Price

It is expecting that the launch of the Android laptops will be available by next 3 to 4 months in the market places and the cost of these laptops is currently approximated up to $200.



Reportedly, Samsung ships first OLED TV to Korea, U.S. version to follow

Samsung said the OLED based KN55F9500 55-inch would be appear this year, and it’s creating excellent on the guarantee.According to the report of Korea’s Yonhap News Agency says the tv will appear in Korea next week.


A review at HD Expert says the information organization estimated a cost of $8,780 USD. A Samsung associate also informed Expert that the U.S. edition of the TV would appear in the mid of this year.

Competing LG started been delivery two OLED models, flat and rounded, to Korea a few months ago. Users in the U.K. can also purchase the flat LG TV.


Yonhap also revealed that Samsung will itself deliver a rounded or curved edition.

The Samsung KN55F9500 OLED TV has prepare of functions and guarantees “unprecedented image.” At CES a few months ago, Samsung classified it from LG’s items by introducing that it is a “true” RGB style. LG’s White-colored OLED program uses shade filtration to provide you the RGB spectrum; in evaluation, Samsung uses three OLEDs of blue, red and green.

One of the improvements is the real multi view function, which allows two people observe entirely different applications with sound on the same display. It needs each customer occupy unique 3D glasses, finish with headsets, that will provide individual sound.

WIndows Phone

HTC, Nokia Windows Phone 8 GDR2 software upgrade to next month

According to the report of the Australian network carrier Telstra that Windows Phone 8 GDR2 software upgrade for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8  and HTC Windows Phone smartphones and gadgets will be arriving in next month.This network has launched the upgrade schedule for its contract Microsoft Windows Phone smartphones and devices.

WIndows Phone

The upgrade routine refers to the upgrade will be forced to its clients in middle of the July. The record of GDR 2 upgrade qualified gadgets contains Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 520, HTC 8X, and HTC 8S.

The GDR2 upgrade will carry new functions including CardDav and CalDav, which will offer it Windows Phone 8 gadgets to work with Google connections and calendar synchronize services. For Windows Phone 8 devices, it also offers FM radio which was also available in Windows Phone 7 devices. The upgrade will also carry DataSense feature to more reinforced carriers along with minimal bug repairs and improvements.

More information related to the Windows Phone GDR2 upgrade will be available. The revealed worldwide edition of gadgets are also predicted to get the upgrade by the end of next month.

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BB A10

Next leading BlackBerry A10 rumored to be arriving later this year

BlackBerry has specific its all smartphone of  touchscreen BB A10 as its next leading which will substitute BlackBerry Z10, later in Nov. The next leading  A10 of BlackBerry will be releasing approximately in November.


BlackBerry A10 has been accepted the biggest place and it will relegate BlackBerry Z10 to the second step while the reduced end will be covered with gadgets. BlackBerry which modified its name from RIM is maintaining to expand its platform of smartphones, so that it can serve a broader variety of users.

QWERTY keyboard

In BlackBerry devices, the keyboard to be more accurate QWERTY keyboard or keypad was the trademark and instead to keeping its trademark, BlackBerry pressed for the growth of the  BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen along with the BlackBerry 10 OS system. However, it did not give up its trademark and also released the QWERTY touchpad allowed BlackBerry Q10. With the release of the BlackBerry A10, BlackBerry wishes to secure horns with the newest smartphone manufacturers in the marketplace just like the Galaxy s4 and the next version of iPhone, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.


Blackberry A10 release date

The Blackberry A10 smartphone has already got the support of one significant US service provider, Sprint Nextell. Dash Nextel did not choose to function the BlackBerry Z10 in its stock and instead decided to hold out for the Blackberry A10. The BlackBerry A10 can be presented in the stock of the other providers also like the AT&T and Verizon since BlackBerry does not have an unique contract with Sprint Nextel. AT&T and Verizon had involved both BBZ10 and BBQ10 in their stocks.

BB A10

Also rumored said that at the Live Conference of BlackBerry, it will launch the A10. However, the organization did not want to diminish the enjoyment associated with the release of the Q10. The Q10 smartphone is being launched by T-Mobile and will soon be presented in the stocks of the significant providers in the US.

The BlackBerry A10 is specific a rule name Aristo. The ultimate name is not out and could be modified. It will be arriving with an new edition of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and the requirements and the style could also get an update.

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give up

Samsung Galaxy S5 could be first metal Galaxy smartphone

samsung s4
Samsung launched the New Samsung Galaxy S4 into the crazy to contest with two big name gadgets, the HTC One and the Apple’s iPhone 5. Also while the Galaxy S4 activities a nasty and plastic style, the iPhone 5 and the HTC One both are made up of metal.The fans of the Samsung and regular customers have campaigned for new develop components for Samsung smartphone and while they did not appear with the Galaxy S4, gossips recommend that there is a probability with the Galaxy S5.
According to a rumor , the New Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a design of the aluminum depending on Samsung’s Design 3.0 programs. It is said to be the first system to use this kind of style. Rumors have recommended that the Galaxy Note 3 will adhere to in the actions of the GalaxyS4 and implement a plastic style.
While this is possible that, given how beginning it is in the style procedure, we suppose Samsung likely has a variety of prototypes and concepts sailing around for the Samsung Galaxy S5 style.This implies is that in the several weeks forward, Samsung will likely remove styles depending on examining, significance, there is no assurance it will move to metal.
Still, it could be that Samsung looks to make a splash, not only with a metal design, but with an unbreakable display when it takes the wrappings off the Galaxy S5 sometime next year.
Still, it could be that Samsung looks to create a sprinkle, not only with a metal style, but with an  unbreakable display when it requires the wrappings off the Galaxy S5 will appear in the next year.
Google Glass

Google declared new feature for Google Glass camera

On Tuesday Google declared new feature for the Google Glass camera that will enhance capturing any photo.This feature allows the Glass capability to take several photos at one time and then merge them, so customers can get the best taken. The photographic camera can now also identify low-light surroundings and will instantly brighten up an picture to make it better. It is also offers the better taking any movement.

Google Glass

Additionally, customers can now also complement captions to images they capture.

Also there is one issue is that the Google Glass is available only to some evaluators. For the relax of us, it is just more better technology functions we won’t be able to use.

The new function offers good performance in low light environment and quickly pictures several images to help customers get the best images taken.


T-Mobile declared white Nexus 4 for limited time offer

T-Mobile declared that beginning for a limited time it will offer to sell the white Nexus 4.

White Nexus 4

Times after, in the U.S and U.K  LG verified that it will launch a white-colored edition of its Nexus 4 after an preliminary release in Hong Kong, T-Mobile revealed that it will offer the design beginning nowadays online for a limited time offer.Also the Black model of Nexus 4 will available in retail store.


The new cover of color is only used on battery power pack door, while the  structure of smartphone remains the same noticeable black.The features is same that it includes 4.7-inch display of screen,also contains 8 megapixel of camera and Quad Core processor.

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iPad 5

Apple releases new iPad 5 with redesigned model

We have seen a variety of gossips associated with iPad 5 during the last months. Many rumors became just vacant statements and disappeared. The apple company will time the release of its next iPad, probably in the end of this year.

According to rumors Apple will also release its version of the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 soon.Among the functions required by fans of the Apple’s devices consist of double display screen along with a multi-tasking capability. Other functions consist of water and dirt proof qualities.

According to the Digitimes, the  next iPad will be 25 % to 33 % lighter than the iPad 4 design and will go for selling in September.

iPad 5

Whenever Apple releases a new product, it cuts the cost of its previously creation gadgets. Most suppliers feel that the cost fall should be impacted long before the launch of iPad 5.

Mostly suppliers are already began cutting the costs of iPad 4 and iPad Mini.  Most suppliers provide these discount rates to speed up the product sales of the previous editions of iPhone and apple iPad so that they are not remaining with old designs when the next leading of the gadgets.